• "This Page Intentionally Left Blank"
  • Act Naturally
  • Acute Dullness
  • Advanced Basics
  • Airline Food
  • Alcoholic Soft Drinks
  • Almost Exact
  • Almost Perfect
  • Alone Together
  • Apartments
  • Arab Unity
  • Armond Hammer
  • Awfully Nice
  • Bad Health
  • Bittersweet
  • Black Light
  • Blameless Culprit
  • Bottoms Up
  • British Fashion
  • Business Ethics
  • Butt Head
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Civil War
  • Clearly Misunderstood
  • Closet Exhibitionist
  • Consistently Inconsistent
  • Constant Variable
  • Criminal Law
  • Critically Acclaimed
  • Decaffeinated Coffee
  • Definite Maybe
  • Deliberately Thoughtless
  • Diet Ice Cream
  • Divorce Court
  • Doctor Death
  • Drip-Dry
  • Dry Cleaning Fluid
  • Dry Ice
  • Dry Wine
  • Dull Roar
  • Easy Payments
  • Educational Television
  • Engineering Logic
  • Even Odds
  • Exact Estimate
  • Executive Secretary
  • Exercise Junkie
  • Extensive Briefing
  • Fish Farm
  • Found Missing
  • Foxy Chick
  • Freezer Burn
  • Fresh Frozen
  • Friendly Criticism
  • Friendly Enemy
  • Friendly Fire
  • Friendly Invasion
  • Genuine Imitation
  • Good Advice
  • Good Grief
  • Good Lawyer
  • Government Organization
  • Grateful Dead
  • Great Depression
  • Greater Cleveland
  • Hi-Way Workers
  • Home Office
  • Homeless Shelter
  • Honest Politician
  • Hospital Admissions
  • Hot Water Heater
  • Ice Water
  • Ill Health
  • Jumbo Shrimp
  • Kind Tax-Man
  • Legal Ethics
  • Legally Drunk
  • Liquid Gas
  • Live-Recording
  • Living Dead
  • Loose Tights
  • Maternity Fashions
  • Military Intelligence
  • Minor Miracle
  • Moderate Extremists
  • Modern History
  • Nearly Gone
  • Never Again
  • New Antiques
  • New Classic
  • Night Light
  • No-Fault Divorce
  • Nonalcoholic Beer
  • Non-Dairy Creamer
  • Non-Working Mother
  • Normal Deviation
  • Numb Feeling
  • Old News
  • Once Again
  • Only Choice
  • Open Secret
  • Original Copies
  • Painless Dentist
  • Passive Aggression
  • Passively Aggressive
  • Peace Force
  • Perfect Idiot
  • Permanent Temp
  • Plastic Glasses
  • Political Science
  • Postal Service
  • Pretty Bad Break
  • Pretty Ugly
  • Qualified Success
  • Radical Right
  • Randomly Organized
  • Rap Music
  • Real Potential
  • Recorded Live
  • Resident Alien
  • Rock Opera
  • Rolling Stop
  • Safe Sex
  • Same Difference
  • Science Fiction
  • Shock Therapy
  • Silent Scream
  • Slow Hurry
  • Small Crowd
  • Smokeless Cigarettes
  • Soft Rock
  • Soviet Union
  • State Workers
  • Strangely Familiar
  • Student Teacher
  • Sweet Sorrow
  • Sweet & Sour
  • Synthetic Natural Gas
  • Taped Live
  • Telephone Worker
  • Temporary Tax Increase
  • Terribly Pleased
  • The Silent Scream
  • Thunderous Silence
  • Tight Slacks
  • Tragic Comedy
  • Twelve-Ounce Pound Cake
  • Unbiased Opinion
  • University Admissions
  • Vanilla Fudge
  • Walking Dead
  • Wedded Bliss
  • White Chocolate
  • Working Vacation

Collective Nouns

"Collective Nouns"

A Babble Of Linguists
A Balance Of Accountants
A Ballet Of Swans
A Band Of Coyote
A Band Of Gorillas
A Bank Of Monitors
A Barrel Of Monkeys
A Barren Of Mules
A Basting Of Turkeys
A Battery Of Tests
A Bed Of Clams
A Bed Of Oysters
A Bed Of Snakes
A Bellow Of Blacksmiths
A Belt Of Asteroids
A Bend Of Willows
A Bestiary Of Mythological Creatures
A Bevy Of Business
A Bevy Of Quail
A Bevy Of Swans
A Billow Of Smokers
A Blarney Of Bartenders
A Blaze Of Pyromaniacs
A Blessing Of Angels
A Blessing Of Unicorns
A Blur Of Bicyclists
A Blush Of Embarrassments
A Boast Of Soldiers
A Body Of Pathologists?
A Bond Of British Secret Agents
A Boo Of Surprises
A Bother Of Solicitors
A Bouquet Of Pheasants
A Bout Of Estimations
A Brace Of Grouse
A Brace Of Orthodontists
A Brace Of Teeth
A Breakdown Of Plans
A Brigade Of Soldiers
A Brood Of Hens
A Brood Of Resentment
A Burden Of Yolks
A Bury Of Conies
A Business Of Feces
A Cache Of Jewels
A Canada Of Eh's
A Cancellation Of Trains
A Candle Of Tapirs
A Canon Of Saints
A Cashe Of Money
A Cast Of Actors
A Cast Of Falcons
A Cast Of Hawks
A Castle Of Rooks
A Chain Of Bobolinks
A Chain Of Islands
A Charlotte Of Web Pages
A Charm Of Braclets
A Charm Of Finches
A Charm Of Goldfinches
A Chomp Of Beavers
A Chord Of Woodwinds
A Chorus Of Angels
A Cia Of Moles
A Circus Of Fighter Aircraft
A Class Of Students
A Clatter Of Tanks
A Clench Of Asses
A Clench Of Sphincters
A Clench Of Subgenius
A Clique Of Mice
A Clipping Of Geldings
A Cloud Of Gnats
A Cloud Of Theoretical Meteorologists
A Clump Of Freshman
A Cluster Of Alpha Computers
A Cluster Of Clerks
A Cluster Of Grasshoppers
A Clutch Of Eggs
A Clutch Of Auto Mechanics
A Clutch Of Chicks
A Clutch Of Eggs
A Clutch Of Kleptomaniacs
A Clutch Of Leering Women
A Clutch Of Testicles
A Clutter Of Cats
A Clutter Of Piles
A Codex Of Programmers
A Collective Of Nouns
A Colony Of Ants
A Colony Of Beavers
A Colony Of Frogs
A Colony Of Gulls
A Colony Of Penguins
A Colony Of Rabbits
A Comedy Of Airline Schedules
A Company Of Parrots
A Company Of Soldiers
A Complex Of Psychologists
A Complex Of Shrinks
A Compromise Of Senators
A Conflagration Of Arsonists
A Conflagration Of Pyromaniacs
A Confusion Of Meanderings
A Congregation Of People
A Congregation Of Plovers
A Congregation Of Worshipers
A Congress Of Baboons
A Conspiracy Of Ravens
A Constable Of Ravens
A Constellation Of Satellites
A Convention Of Tongues
A Convocation Of Eagles
A Convocation Of Eagles
A Cornucopia Of Slugs
A Corps Of Cadets
A Correspondence Of Penpals
A Court Of Kingbirds
A Coven Of Witches
A Cover Of Coots
A Cover Of Coots
A Covey Of Quail
A Cowardice Of Curs
A Crash Of Rhinoceroses
A Crash Of Software
A Crash Of Windows
A Crew Of Military Barbers
A Crowd Of Onlookers
A Crush Of Grapes
A Crush Of Pounders
A Crush Of Shoppers
A Cry Of Hounds
A Culture Of Bacteria
A Cupful Of Starlets
A Cut Of Butchers
A Cutting Of Cynics
A Dan Of Quail
A Dawn Of Morning Glories
A Debauchery Of Hedonists
A Deceit Of Lapwings
A Deficit Of Economists
A Density Of Meatheads
A Descent Of Woodpeckers
A Design Of Engineers
A Desperation Of Voters
A Discord Of Experts
A Discretion Of Priests
A Disputation Of Lawyers
A Dissimulation Of Birds
A Divergence Of Canadians
A Division Of Soldiers
A Doctrine Of Doctors
A Dole Of Doves
A Dose Of Doctors
A Down Of Hares
A Draught Of Bottlers
A Draught Of Fish
A Dray Of Squirrels
A Drift Of Clouds
A Drift Of Fishermen
A Drift Of Lecturers
A Drift Of Swine
A Drove Of Cabbies
A Drove Of Cars
A Drove Of Oxen
A Fall Of Woodcocks
A Falling Of Dominoes
A Fascination Of Listeners
A Fascination Of On-Lookers
A Fidget Of Suspects
A Field Of Racehorses
A Field Of Theoretical Physicists
A Fistful Of Dollars
A Fleet Of Ships
A Flight Of Golf Balls
A Flight Of Refugees
A Flight Of Yesterdays
A Rasher Of Bacon Strips
A Float Of Crocodiles
A Flock Of Birds
A Flock Of Pigeons
A Flock Of Sheep
A Flock Of Tourists
A Flock Of White Christmas Trees
A Flood Of Plumbers
A Flotilla Of Ships
A Flourish Of Blossoms
A Flourish Of Strumpets
A Flunk Of Students
A Fold Of Chairs
A Following Of Stalkers
A Formation Of Geologists
A Freeze Of Northerners
A Fright Of Ghosts
A Gaggle Of Geese
A Gaggle Of Pill Poppers
A Galaxy Of Cosmologists
A Galaxy Of Starlets
A Galaxy Of Stars
A Gambol Of Dancers
A Gang Of Elks
A Gang Of Hoodlums
A Gaze Of Raccoons
A Geek Of Engineers
A Giggle Of Young Girls
A Glacier Of Freezers
A Glaze Of Tourists
A Glint Of Goldfish
A Glut Of Excesses
A Glut Of Pleasure
A Gossip Of Relatives
A Greed Of Lawyers
A Grid Of Electrical Engineers
A Grind Of Chores
A Grip Of Hand Tools
A Grist Of Bees
A Groan Of Puns
A Gross Of Farts
A Grove Of Trees
A Guilt Of Pleasures
A Hamper Of Helpers
A Handful Of Palm Readers
A Hangover Of Red-Eyed Vireos
A Harem Of Rabbits
A Harmony Of Beauties
A Harmony Of Singers
A Hassle Of Errands
A Hatchet Of Corporate Downsizings
A Heap Of Trash
A Heard Of Blind People
A Heard Of Ears
A Heard Of Hearing Aids
A Herd Of Antelope
A Seating Of Asses
A Herd Of Buffalo
A Herd Of Curlews
A Herd Of Deer
A Herd Of Elephants
A Herd Of Pigs
A Herd Of Wrens
A Hide Of Tigers
A Hill Of Beans
A Hiss Of Lisps
A Hive Of Bees
A Ho! Ho! Of Loopholes
A Hoard Of Misers
A Hopper Of Rabbits
A Horde Of Gnats
A Host Of Angels
A Hover Of Helicopters
A Hover Of Hummingbirds
A Hover Of Trout
A Huddle Of Hippos
A Huddle Of Lawyers
A Huff Of Letters To The Editor
A Hug Of Teddy Bears
A Hum Of Bees
A Hypocrisy Of Duplicities
A Jackson Of Gloves
A Jagger Of Lips
A Jagger Of Tongues
A Jam Of Tarts
A Jump Of Sheep
A Keep Of Archivists
A Kettle Of Drums
A Kettle Of Hawks
A Kindle Of Kittens
A Kneeling Of Parishioners
A Knot Of Eels
A Knot Of Renters
A Knot Of Ropes
A Knot Of Shoelaces
A Knuckle Of Gangsters
A Labor Of Love
A Leap Of Faiths
A Leap Of Hares
A Leap Of Leopards
A Leash Of Greyhounds
A Lie Of Politicians
A Linkage Of Web Pages
A Litter Of Refuse
A Litter Of Trash
A Lounge Of Lizards
A Luck Of Dice
A Lump Of Toads

A Magnum Of Hit Men
A Mass Of Archivists
A Mass Of Catholics
A Maul Of Bears
A Maze Of Canyons
A Meaning Of Dictionaries
A Medusa Of Knots
A Meet Of Racehorses
A Melee Of Rioters
A Mess Of Grits
A Mint Of Candies
A Minuscule Of Sub-Atomic Particles
A Mixture Of Pharmacists
A Moan Of Lamentations
A Mob Of Texans
A Mug Of Narcissists
A Multiplication Of Loafers
A Murmur Of Alliterations
A Muster Longshoremen
A Muster Of Storks
A Mustering Of Storks
A Mute Of Hounds
A Nag Of Grandparents
A Nest Of Bowls
A Nest Of Machine Guns
A Nest Of Mice
A Nest Of Rabbits
A Nest Of Vipers
A Network Of Computers


A Nobility Of Beasts
A Number Of Mathematicians
A Pace Of Asses
A Pack Of Wolves
A Pack Of Cigarettes
A Pack Of Dogs
A Pack Of Hounds
A Pack Of Suitcases
A Pack Of Wolves
A Pad Of Sheets
A Paddling Of Doves
A Paddling Of Ducks
A Paddling Of Truants
A Pail Of Wasps
A Pair Of Horses
A Palm Of Wankers
A Pan Of Goats
A Pan Of Reviewers
A Pander Of Toadies
A Pantheon Of Gods
A Parliament Of Rooks
A Party Of Birthdays
A Party Of Five
A Party Of Jays
A Passle Of Things
A Patch Of Flowers
A Pathos Of Mourners
A Peep Of Chickens
A Pension Of Condominiums
A Phalanx Of Flashers
A Phalanx Of Umbrellas
A Phreak Of Hackers
A Pile Of Dung
A Pinhead Of Angels
A Pink Of Liberals
A Pitfall Of Fine Print
A Pithy Of Truths
A Pitying Of Turtledoves
A Plague Of Locusts
A Plague Of Rats
A Plague Of Sicknesses
A Plane Of Geometries
A Platoon Of Soldiers
A Plump Of Waterfowl
A Plunder Of Goons
A Plunder Of Thieves
A Plunder Of Wars
A Pod Of Beans
A Pod Of Porpoises
A Pod Of Dolphins
A Pod Of Seals
A Pod Of Seals
A Pod Of Whales
A Poke Of Fencers
A Pomposity Of Professors
A Ponder Of Philosophers
A Posse Of Posers
A Pounce Of Cats
A Prevarication Of Consultants
A Prey Of Nuns
A Pride Of Emotions
A Pride Of Lions
A Pride Of Stage Mothers
A Promise Of Tomorrows
A Propriety Of Nouns
A Pull Of Silk-Screens
A Pump Of Egos
A Pun Of Yokes
A Quake Of Seismologists
A Quarrel Of Lawyers
A Quaver Of Arias
A Quiver Of Cobras
A Quiz Of Teachers
A Rack Of Gears
A Raft Of Canvass-Back Ducks
A Raft Of Ducks
A Raft Of Widgeon
A Rafter Of Turkeys
A Rain Of Cats And Dogs
A Rake Of Colts
A Rand Of Objectivists
A Range Of Mountains
A Rascal Of Boys
A Ream Of Bureaucrats
A Release Of Anglers
A Rhyme Of Poets
A Richness Of Martens
A Ring Of Keys
A Romp Of Otters
A Round Of Circumnavigations
A Rout Of Wolves
A Route Of Wolves
A Row Of Oarsmen
A Rule Of Mobs
A Rule Of Thumbs
A Run Of Cowards
A Rush Of Overnight Couriers
A Rush Of Highs
A Scale Of Ichthyologists
A School Of Fish
A Scale Of Fish
A Scale Of Waits
A Scale Of Weights
A Scold Of Jays
A Scoop Of Reporters
A Scurry Of Squirrels
A Sedge Of Cranes
A Service Of Spoonbills
A Set Of Mathematicians
A Shitload Of Trouble
A Shiver Of Sharks
A Shoal Of Bass
A Shoal Of Herrings
A Shoal Of Shad
A Shortage Of Dwarves
A Shower Of Meteorologists
A Shrewdness Of Apes
A Shriek Of Contestants
A Shrivel Of Critics
A Siege Of Herons
A Siege Of Wacos
A Singular Of Boars
A Sip Of Swallows
A Skein Of Geese
A Skulk Of Foxes
A Skulk Of Thieves
A Slate Of Candidates
A Slew Of Exterminators
A Slew Of Homework
A Slice Of Circumcisions
A Slice Of Cuts
A Slither Of Gossip Columnists
A Slither Of Lawyers
A Slither Of Politicians
A Slither Of Snakes
A Sloth Of Procrastinators
A Sloth Of Slackers
A Smack Of Jellyfish
A Smack Of Junkies
A Smashing Of Luddites
A Smirk Of Smiles
A Snap Of Photographers
A Sneak Of Weasels
A Sodom Of Shepherds
A Sole Of Cobblers
A Sord Of Mallards
A Sounder Of Swine
A Sousa Of Marching Bands
A Spoil Of Grandparents
A Spring Of Artesian Wells
A Spring Of Mattresses
A Spring Seasons
A Splash Of Puddles
A Spot Of Leopards
A Sprig Of Vegetarians
A Spring Of Seals
A Spring Of Teal
A Sprout Of Mushrooms
A Squad Of Soldiers
A Squash Of Handball
A Squash Of Sermons
A Stable Of Prostitutes
A Stack Of Librarians
A Stack Of Planes
A Staff Of Employees
A Stand Of Ideals
A Stand Of Soapboxes
A Stand Of Trees
A Stash Of Weed
A Stench Of Skunks
A Stock Of Portfolio Managers
A Strangle Of Bad Laws
A Streak Of Smudges
A Streak Of Tigers
A Stream Of Thoughts
A Stream Of Yellow Warblers
A Stripe Of Zebras
A Stud Of Mares
A Subtlety Of Designers
A Sulk Of Teenagers
A Superfluity Of Similes
A Swarm Of Bees
A Swarm Of Flies
A Swarm Of Nats
A Swarm Of Suitors
A Swarm Of Sycophants
A Sweetness Of Sopranos
A Swirl Of Tye-Dyes
A Tangle Of Tricksters
A Team Of Athletes
A Team Of Horses
A Tedium Of Golfers
A Ticking Of Clocks
A Tiding Of Magpies
A Tidings Of Magpies
A Tilt Of Windmills
A Time Of Whales
A Tongue Lashing Of Interpreters
A Tough Of Lesbians
A Tragedy Of Railway Schedules
A Treachery Of Spies
A Tribe Of Goats
A Tribe Of Monkeys
A Tribe Of Natives
A Trip Of Tourists
A Troop Of Kangaroos
A Troop Of Monkeys
A Troop Of Performers
A Tumult Of Tubas
A Tux Of Penguins
A Wig Of Rugs
A Twinkling Of Eyes
A Twinkling Of Todays
A Tyranny Of Dictators
A Vagary Of Impediments
A Vane Of Directions
A Vein Of Goldfinch
A Vigor Of Hybrids
A Vision Of Optometrists
A Wad Of Bills
A Wad Of Dough
A Wad Of Moola
A Wad Of Money
A Wailing Of Weight Watchers
A Wake Of Buzzards
A Walk Of Snipe
A Wash Of Emotions
A Watch Of Clocks
A Watch Of Nightingales
A Wealth Of Information
A Wedge Of Geese
A Wedge Of Swans
A Whistle Of Modems
A Whored Of Prostitutes
A Wiggle Of Elvis Impersonators
A Wing Of Aircraft
A Wisdom Of Grandparents
A Wisdom Of Owls
A Wisp Of Snipe
A Wonder Of Stars
A Wriggle Of Worms
A Yawn Of Collective Nouns
A Yoke Of Oxen
A Yoke Of Pilots
An Absence Of Waiters
An Accretion Of Archivists
An Accumulation Of Archivists
An Addition Of Mathematicians
An Amalgamation Of Metallurgists
An Amble Of Walkers
An Ambush Of Tigers
An Ambush Of Widows
An Annoyance Of Neighbors
An Anvil Of Blacksmiths
An Archive Of Programmers
An Archive Of Punny Names
An Armada Of Ships
An Army Of Ants
An Army Of Caterpillars
An Array Of Luminaries
An Assemblage Of Archivists
An Assemblage Of Jigsaw Puzzlers
An Asylum Of Loons
An Atlas Of Maps
An Attitude Of Teenagers
An Audit Of Accountants
An Audit Of Bookkeepers
An Aurora Of Poles
An Autumn Of Leaves
An Axis Of Musicians
A Backlog Of Archivists
A Collection Of Archivists
A Compilation Of Archivists
A Conglomeration Of Archivists
A Depository Of Archivists
An Eloquence Of Lawyers
An Embarrassment Of Parents
An Encroachment Of Fence-Builders
An Ensemble Of Homosexuals
An Ergo Of Cartesians
An Exaltation Of Larks
An Expectation Of Heirs
An Exultation Of Larks
A File Of Archivists
A Gathering Of Archivists
A Hoard Of Archivists
An Illusion Of Painters
An Impatience Of Wives
An Impertinence Of Peddlers
An Implausibility Of Gnus
An Imposition Of In-Laws
An Incantation Of Warlocks
An Incantation Of Witches
An Incision Of Surgeons
An Incredulity Of Cuckolds
An Indecision Of Managers
An Integration Of Blacks And Whites
An Intrigue Of Council Members
An Obeisance Of Servants
An Obscurity Of Poets
An Odium Of Politicians
An Oh! Oh! Of Audits
An Orchestra Of Crickets
An Orchestra Of Musicians
An Order Of Waiters
An Ostentation Of Peacocks
An Ostentation Of Peacocks
An Outfield Of Flycatchers
A Repository Of Archivists
A Roundup Of Archivists
A Stack Of Archivists
A Stash Of Archivists
A Store Of Archivists
An Unction Of Undertakers
An Undulation Of Hills